BGW VCMF is a quasi-equity Venture Capital Mutual Fund located in Piraeus. Established in 2020 and managed by Blue Green White Capital AEDAKES.

Financed jointly by Hellenic Development Bank of Investments S.A. and Private investors, BGW now has 30M€ under management.

Meaningful Investments

BGW’s objective is to pinpoint and invest on the coexistence and interaction between entrepreneurship and sustainability. BGW aims to invest, primarily but not exclusively, in projects where economic viability and sustainability are solid bases.

Our focus on value creation for investors, society and the environment are based on a robust investment process specially designed and implemented in Greek SME’s and generally in companies retaining establishment in the Greek territory.

Investee Companies may be at any stage of development (seed, early stage, growth, expansion, maturity).

Indicative Investment Themes



Sustainable Shipping, Aquaculture, Water Services, Maritime Sector, Sustainable Maritime Tourism & Culture, etc.



Environmental Transformation, Green Energy Production and Storage, Circular Economy, Waste Management, Smart Networks, Green Logistics, Smart Buildings, etc.



Welfare Products and Services, Clean Tech, Culture, Health, Sustainable Food Sources, etc.

Investment Strategy

Responding to the increasing demand for alternative, flexible and innovative financial products we are implementing two approaches in our investment’s strategy.